• Noticing Roofing Leaks And Damage At Your Commercial Property? What To Know

    If you have noticed that the roof on your commercial property is starting to look discolored and damaged, there are water stains on the inside of the roof and leaks in the winter, and that the shingles are crumbling and falling off, it's time for an upgrade. Poor ventilation and damaged shingles can cause ice dams and leaks. You have to protect the investment of the building and the people inside it, so you have to get the roof repaired right away.
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  • A Guide To Flat Roof Materials

    Roof replacement on flat roof is often a matter of practicality more than a matter of style. That is, commercial building owners' main concern when installing a roofing product, is choosing something that is going to be durable and no-nonsense. They don't care as much about having something that is particularly stylish. Flat roofs need to be more water resistant because they have to deal with standing water. Also, since they are often not visible from the ground, some building owners don't care at all what they look like.
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