Spotting Damage To Your Foam Roof

Posted on: 18 August 2017

Maintaining the integrity of your home's roofing system is critical when it comes to ensuring your residence remains structurally sound. Many homeowners opt to add a specialized type of coating known as foam roofing to the top of their existing roofing materials for additional protection against water and other contaminants. Caring for your foam roofing is essential when it comes to ensuring this coating performs properly. Here are three types of damage that could compromise the integrity if your foam roofing in the future.
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Four Roof Installation Approaches And What Each Entails

Posted on: 16 August 2017

Roofing contractors have so much to do when it comes down to a roofing installation. First and foremost, they have to investigate the roofing consumers have. Then they have to recommend new roofing products and provide estimates for the work. Finally, they have to recommend a roof installation approach that will work best. If you are replacing the roof on your home, or adding a roof to a new home, here are the three approaches your roofing contractor might suggest.
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4 Common Roofing Problems And How To Prevent Them

Posted on: 8 August 2017

The roof of your home is one of the most important outside fixtures to take care of. This is because the roof protects the interior of your home heavily from many damages that the outdoor weather conditions could cause. Plus, the roof protects your home from losing out on energy expenses so long as it is properly sealed. To keep your roof in good condition, you should know of some of the most common problems and how to prevent them:
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Protect Your Investment: 4 Easy Steps To Care For Your Roof

Posted on: 13 April 2017

Your home is your biggest investment. To protect that investment, you want to make sure it receives the proper maintenance. Unfortunately, overlooking key aspects of home maintenance could lead to costly repairs later, and could reduce the property value. The roof is one area of home maintenance that's often overlooked. Here are four easy steps that will help you reduce roof damage and help protect your investment. Remove Debris You've probably seen debris on your neighbor's roofs from time to time.
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