Tasks Your Professional Roofer Can Complete For You

Posted on: 21 October 2019

As soon as you buy your own home you immediately begin to realize the amount of responsibility there is for your home's upkeep and maintenance. If you allow just one issue to go unresolved, it can lead to further problems and related damage to other areas of your home. Your roof is one of these important areas as your roof provides needed protection to your home's entire interior. Here are some tasks that your residential roofer will be able to complete for you the next time you hire them to help you with roof work.

Inspect Your Shingles

One of the main reasons you would consider hiring a professional roofer is to replace your roofing shingles. But did you know they can inspect your roof before it is showing aggressive signs of wear so you can prevent interior moisture damage and an increased chance of more costly repairs? Call your roofing professional about a roof inspection to see if your shingles are aging or have damage that can occur from adverse weather. 

For example, hailstorms can cause pitted damage to your shingles that you may not be able to see from the ground. And if you don't know what to look for, you may miss this type of shingle damage completely. When a hailstone hits your shingles, it dislodges the protective granules from the shingles and leaves it at risk of moisture intrusion. And although hail damage may appear minimal if you do see it, it can lead to serious interior damage to your roofing deck, rafters, and your attic interior. 

Your roofing professional will be able to recognize such signs of damage and repair them appropriately. And they will likely guarantee their work, which provides an additional value to your newly repaired roof.

Check and Maintain Your Gutters

After your roofing professional has completed the surface roofing repairs or replacement work, as an added service they can check your roof's drainage system. Your roof's edge gutters and attached downspouts allow for water to flow off of your roof and not create a pooling water problem upon the soil around your home's foundation. 

If your rain gutters are aging, cracked, leaking, or sagging, the runoff is going to fall onto the ground below in areas where you don't want it, such as right next to your foundation. Let your roofing professional know you would like a gutter inspection, and they can check them for any deficiencies. Once any deficiencies are repaired, your gutters and downspouts will deliver water well away from your home foundation so you don't have to worry about basement leaks and weeping foundation walls.


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