Top Reasons To Replace Missing Roof Shingles Promptly

Posted on: 15 May 2019

Many homes have shingles roofs, and it is possible for individual shingles to fall off during a storm or due to other reasons. If you're looking at your roof and notice that there are a few shingles missing, you may think that it is not a big deal. In reality, any missing shingles on your roof is cause for concern, and it is in your best interest to have missing shingles replaced by a roofing contractor as quickly as possible. Ignoring missing shingles and neglecting to have your roof repaired can lead to a number of problems that can be avoided if you are proactive. The top reasons to have missing roof shingles replaced right away include:

Prevent Roof Leaks

Roof shingles are specifically designed to protect the roof and act as a barrier from moisture. When one or more roof shingles are missing, it creates an area of the roof that is very vulnerable and exposed. You have no way of knowing when there may be a heavy rain storm or several days in a row of measurable rain. If you ignore the fact that your roof is missing shingles and fail to make arrangements to have them replaced, you are greatly increasing the likelihood that you will have to deal with a roof leak in the future.

Keep the Roof Deck from Rotting

A roof has several components underneath the shingles, including the roof deck. A roof deck is typically made of wood, so it needs to be covered at all times in order to ensure that it is not exposed to the elements. If one or more roof shingles are missing from your roof, the roof deck will not have the protection that it needs, and it may be exposed to melting snow or rain water. Over time, the exposure to moisture will cause the roof deck to begin rotting. Repairing a rotting roof deck costs a lot more than replacing missing shingles, so it is in your best interest to avoid the problem by having shingles replaced promptly.

Avoid Storm Damage

A roof in good condition is air tight and well equipped to handle a storm. But, when one or more shingles is missing, the roof is no longer a cohesive unit. This means that the surrounding area is weaker, which can leave it at a higher risk for wind damage. When this happens, you could loose many more roof shingles in a severe storm, leading to a much larger repair bill. Taking care on a small issue is a much easier and less expensive task than waiting to make roof repairs when major damage has been done.


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