Live In The South? How To Keep Your Home Protected From Hail Storms

Posted on: 15 May 2019

If you live in the southern part of the United States, you may experience more storms every year than one person ever will in their lifetime. One of the most common types of storms is a hail storm. Hail is small pellets of ice that fall from the sky, and although they can look cool, they can cause some serious damage to your house. So, what are a few things that you can do to prevent any damage from happening to your home during the next hail storm? Read on to learn some more. 

Hail Damage Roofing

Roofs aren't necessarily cheap, and if you're always having to replace your roof because of hail damage, you may be spending a small fortune after every storm, Luckily, there are specials types of hail damage roofing materials that you can have placed on your roof instead. This solid material is designed to repel the hail without it eve causing any damage to it. 

Rain Barrel Rain Gutters

Luckily, most rain gutters are made from metal, but because it's thin metal, they can get dented really easily. To help you avoid this issue, you can get some rain barrel rain gutters. These rain gutters are a little bit thicker and have a plastic tubing on the inside. This plastic tubing is then connected to a thick black hose that usually runs under your landscaping and out into the street. The result? Less flooding and less damage to your rain gutter at the same time. 

Storm Shutters

If you have awnings on your house, they are just going to get damaged with every big storm; especially if they are made of thin metal or fabric. But, if you like the look of awnings, you can always get storm shutters that look like awnings when they're open, but you can close them during a storm. Plus, these shutters are great because they will also protect your windows from hail damage at the same time. 

Wouldn't it be nice to not feel so stressed out about your home getting damaged during every hail storm? All of these tips will help you keep your home (and your wallet) protected from hail damage so that you don't have to stress after each and every storm. If you want to make some of these changes to your home, consider reaching out to a company near you that specializes in hail damage roofing.


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