Considering Spray Foam Roofing? Know These Three Things

Posted on: 5 February 2019

If you're preparing your commercial building for a new roof, you'll want to make sure that you are using the best roofing materials for the job. After all, the roof is what helps insulate the building and protects it from damage. Instead of using rolled roofing or another traditional roofing option, consider using spray foam roofing instead. Here are some things to consider about spray foam roofing before you move forward with the insulation.

Understand How Spray Foam Can Meet Your Building's Needs

The first thing you should do is understand the ways that spray foam roofing will be a better choice for your roof. Find out about the energy efficiency compared to traditional roofing materials, and you'll find that spray foam provides superior insulation. This is due to the thickness of the foam and its ability to prevent hot and cold weather from changing the temperature of your roof.

Spray foam also forms into a solid material that doesn't have seams or places where water can get in. It makes foam a great roofing material to prevent leaks from the rain, especially if you have a flat roof where water tends to collect on the surface. Spray foam also performs better at resisting fire damage, which is great if your commercial building works with materials that are combustible.

Know How Spray Foam Can Provide a Hassle-Free Installation

If you're worried about the roof installation process disrupting your business, be aware of how hassle-free the installation of foam roofing can be. The foam is created by combining two chemicals that are sprayed on the surface of the roof and hardened. This easy process reduces the labor required of lifting heavy roofing material on top of the building. The installation method also does not require hammering like other materials do, so it can be done during weekdays where you have employees working in the building.

Learn About Spray Foam Maintenance

The spray foam roof may be a solid material, but it will still require maintenance over the years to keep it in great shape. Make sure that the surface of the roof is clean by clearing away debris that lands on the roof. Look out for discoloration or odd textures on the surface that have changed over time. Try to identify cracks in the spray foam when they are just starting. This can help prevent the crack from spreading further down to the roof deck.

For help performing a repair, reach out to a local roofing contractor for assistance. Find commercial roofing services in your area, such as Foam Experts Co, for more information.


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