Winter Tips: Don't Ice Dams Mess Up Your Roof And Home

Posted on: 17 December 2018

As the head of your household, protecting your family from the freezing temperatures outdoors may be the only thing you focus on this cold season. Structures located on the outside of your home may be the last things you think about, including your roof. However, your roof could be at risk for ice dams and the potential problems they cause. The information below can help you keep ice dams from damaging your roof and home this winter.

How Problematic Are Dams?

Ice dams are icy formations that develop along the outermost edges of your roof. Ice dams can allow small amounts of water to settle between them. If the water penetrates the shingles on your roof, it can eventually leak into the structures supporting your home. 

Ice dams generally form when the surface of your roof becomes warmer than the air flowing over and across it. Several things can warm up your roof, including an unventilated attic. A well-ventilated attic keeps the structures on your roof cool in the winter. If your attic doesn't have an appropriate ventilation system installed in the ceiling or roof, it can become exceptionally warm inside. As warm air or heat circulates out of your attic, it melts the snow on your roof. This process can continue throughout winter.

If you take the right steps, you can prevent ice dams from forming on your roof.

How Do You Make Your Roof Worry-Free?

The first thing you might do is contact a roofing contractor and ask them to examine your roof. If your home experienced ice dams in the past, they may have caused some damage along your roof's edge. It's important to locate and repair these issues before you move forward with anything else.

After checking and repairing your roof, a contractor may walk through your attic to see if it needs a new ventilation system. If you do need to ventilate your attic, a roofer suggest that you do so immediately. If the conditions becomes worse outside your home, it could interfere with the installation.

You can minimize or prevent ice dams by keeping the surface of your roof clean during the cold season. Many roofing companies offer roof raking or cleaning to their customers. If you wish to learn more about maintaining your roof, consult with your roofing contractor right away.

For more information about how to stop or minimize the dangers of ice dams, contact roofing companies like Ray's Accurate Roofing today.


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