4 Signs Of Wear On Your Roof Means That It Is Time For A Replacement

Posted on: 11 September 2018

As your roof ages, it wears. This wear and tear can often be repaired, but it may also mean that it's time for a replacement. Part of the routine maintenance of your roof is inspecting it for damage and wear, and this is when you will want to want to determine if it is time for a replacement. There are many signs that roof wear is serious and materials need to be replaced. The signs of damage include curling of shingles, fungus growth, and granules worn off the surface. Here are the main signs to look for to determine if your roof needs replacement:

1. Fungus Causing Accelerated Wear of Roofing

The fungus on shingles is one of the biggest reasons that wear of roofing accelerates. If you have a roof that has a lot of shade due to trees around your home, fungi like moss and lichen may be a problem. To ensure your roof does not wear out faster than expected, make sure that light penetrates the tree canopies by trimming trees often to allow sunlight through. In addition, you want to make sure that you routinely clean loose tree debris off your roof to prevent damage.

2. Shrinking, Curling, Cracking, and Deterioration

Sometimes, curling and cracking of shingles is a major sign of roof wear. This damage is often caused by fungus growth and lack of sunlight, as well as overall age of roofing. When the shingles of your roof begin to shrink and curl up around the edges, this is a major sign that your roofing materials have reached the end of their life and you need a roof replacement.

3. Smooth Surfaces Due to The Loss of Granules on Roofing

As your roof ages, granules wear off the surface. These granules are an aggregate material of asphalt shingles that help protect them from the elements and weathering. When the granules have worn off and the surface is smooth on the shingles, this is a major sign that the roof needs to be replaced.

4. Deteriorating or Damaged Flashing on the Roof

There are other materials on your roof that can be a sign of deterioration and mean your roof needs to be replaced. When repairs need to be done to materials like flashing and around the bottoms of mechanical systems, this is often a sign of roof wear that means it is time to have your roof replaced.  

These are some tips to help determine when the signs of wear mean roof need to be replaced. If your old roof this morning and needs repairs, contact a roofing contractor Cloise & Mike Construction Inc to get an estimate for repairs or replacement. 


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