You Don't Have To Climb On The Roof To Assess Its Condition

Posted on: 30 July 2018

Since roofs can deteriorate quickly and lead to extensive water damage once they start to fail, you should always keep a close eye on the condition of your roof. But what if you are afraid of heights or are otherwise unable to climb on a ladder? Thankfully, there are numerous signs of roof damage that you can spot without venturing onto the roof. Here are a few of them.

1. Granules Near Downspouts

Take a look at the area beneath your gutter downspout. Do you see a lot of little granules that look like big ashes or small pebbles? These could be granules from the shingles. By the time shingles start shedding enough granules that they appear below your downspouts, the roof is in pretty bad shape and probably needs to be replaced soon.

2. Shingles In the Yard

After a storm or a day with high winds, take a walk around your yard, focusing on the perimeter of the home around the roof. Do you see any shingles or pieces of shingles in your yard? Check that they are the color of your shingles and not that of a neighbor's home. If your home seems to be losing shingles, it at least needs a roof repair -- if not an entirely new roof.

3. Sagging

You don't have to climb onto the roof to see if it's sagging. All you need to do is stand in the yard and bend down until your eyes are at a level that enables you to look straight out across the roof. Does it look like your roof is drooping down in an area? This is a sign that something serious is wrong. The wood that forms the base layer of your roof might be damaged, which is something a roofing company should do right away to prevent serious leaks.

4. Attic Moisture

If you can safely access your attic, venture up there and take a look around. Do you see pools of water anywhere on the floor? Are there moist spots on the insulation? Maybe you see mold growth on some of the rafters. These and other signs of moisture are a cause for concern. Your roof is probably leaking, which means you should call for repairs or replacement.

Do not let being unable to climb on the roof keep you from assessing roof condition. If you keep an eye out for these issues above, you will be able to get roof issues cared for before they become too serious. For more information, contact a company like F B Roofing & Siding.


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