Things You Should Do If You Notice Significant Roof Damage

Posted on: 11 July 2018

Suddenly discovering a major problem with your roof is every homeowner's worst nightmare. If this description fits your current situation, you are probably scrambling to get the issue taken care of. If you have significant roof damage on your home, here are some things to keep in mind.

Is It a Leak? Protect the Inside First

If the roof damage has resulted in water coming into the home, your first course of action should be to protect the interior of your property. Grab a bucket, a tarp or whatever else you need to maintain control of the situation and keep the incoming water from causing further damage to your home.

Do You Have Loose Shingles or Other Falling Objects? Protect the Perimeter

If the problem is not a leak but a loose shingle or something else up top that could possibly come crashing down, inform your entire family immediately. Mark off the affected area if you can to make sure no one goes walking underneath that part of the roof. If someone comes walking onto your property like a friend or the postman and ends up getting hit by falling debris, you could end up with a lawsuit on your hands.

Is It Still Storming? Stay Inside

Major storms are often when homeowners notice roof problems either because of those leaks or falling debris that we just mentioned. That said, if it is still raining, do not try and go up on the roof to immediately fix the problem, even if you feel that will help prevent further damage to the rest of the property. In fact, never go up on a roof even after receiving rainfall until the roof has had an opportunity to completely dry. Going up there too soon could be dangerous and lead to a fall.

Is the Job Too Much For You? Get Professional Help

Yes, many homeowners take pride in being able to perform repair and maintenance tasks around the house. But roof damage can be a significant repair job. If you don't have previous experience in this area, you are going to risk making the problem worse or possibly even injuring yourself. For best results, get in touch with a local company or contractor who offers roof damage repair services. You can relax and watch safely from the ground while a real pro tackles your issues and gets your roof back to the way It should be.


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