4 Things To Pay Attention To before Signing a Roofing Replacement Contract

Posted on: 25 March 2018

If you need to have your roof replaced, you are going to want the contractor to provide you with a detailed contract for the supplies that they are going to purchase and the work that they are going to do on your roof. You are going to want to closely review your contract to make sure that it provides you with all the right information. Here are a few elements that your contract should include and that you need to pay attention to before signing it.

Supplies for the Roof

Your roofing contract should detail all the supplies that will be used for your roof. It should include the brand name and price of all of the supplies, such as the shingles, the underlayment, and the flashing. You need to have this information because all your supplies should come with warranties. You don't want to sign a contract that only says that new shingles and flashing will be applied to your home.

Schedule for Work

Next, your roofing contract should include the schedule for the work that is to be done on your home. It should address what days the work will be done, as well as the hours that the roofers will be working. It should also include information about what will happen should the weather turn bad. If you want the roofer to call you before arriving, you are going to want make sure that is stated in your contract.

Permit Information

For minor repairs on your roof, it is generally not necessary for you to get a work permit. However, if you are having your entire roof replaced, you are more than likely going to need a roof permit. The contract should state who will get the roofing permit (you or the roofing company), the cost of the roofing permit, and the number of the roofing permit if it has already been obtained.

Payment Requirements

Your contract should also detail what you are paying for and when you are to make the payments. With large jobs like a full roof replacement it is common to ask for a small deposit up front. You should never be asked for the full payment up front.

Payment schedules can vary. You may pay the roofer for the materials after the company shows you proof that they have purchased the materials for your home. You generally don't pay the entire amount, including the labor, until the job is complete. Make sure that the payment schedule, expectations, and methods are clearly laid out.

Make sure that your roofing contract is written out and explains in detail all the different parts of the job. This is the best way to protect yourself and ensure that you and the roofing services company are on the same page.


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