The Purpose Of Roof Granules And Why They Shed

Posted on: 8 February 2018

If your home has an asphalt roof, you may occasionally see granules fall off the shingles and collect on the ground or in your gutters. While this can be concerning, it isn't always a sign of damage, it could also be the result of normal aging. Here's a look at what the granules are made of, what they do, and why they shed into your gutters.

Granules Are Made From Crushed Stone

Asphalt shingles are topped with tiny granules, otherwise your roof would have a smooth, black appearance from the asphalt itself. The granules are made from crushed stone and they adhere to the asphalt layer with sealant so they stay put for years. The crushed stone is filtered so the granules have a uniform size. Color is added to the stone with a ceramic coating to provide different colors of asphalt shingles. The granules can also be made from reflective material that blocks UV rays on your roof, and they can also be treated to resist the growth of algae.

Granules Protect The Shingles From Wear

One important function of granules is to protect the roof from UV exposure that causes gradual deterioration of the shingles. They also add a layer of fire protection to your home. Granules make the shingles more durable so they can be stacked safely while in storage and during transportation. They also provide durability against foot traffic when your roof is inspected, installed, or repaired.

Granules Fall Off Due To Age And Damage

Over time, the adhesive quality of the sealant weakens, so shingles start to shed. You might see heavy shedding on a new roof too because more granules are applied than needed since loss is expected. When your roof is old, it may have bare spots where the granules have disappeared. When this happens, you'll need to have more granules applied to slow down the aging of your roof or have a new roof installed. Storms also knock off granules. High wind, heavy rain, and the brushing of tree branches can accelerate the damage. An excessive amount of granules in your gutter after a storm might be a sign of hail damage and it's always a good idea to have a roof inspection to make sure your roof is not in need of repairs or replacement.

If you have any concerns about granule loss on your roof due to damage or age, call a roofer from companies like Right Way Roofing, Inc for an inspection. It's best to have roof damage repaired as soon as possible so you can prevent leaks that lead to costly water damage.


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