Problems With Your Commercial Roof? Signs You Could Be Dealing With A Serious Leak

Posted on: 11 December 2017

You never know when a roof leak is going to rear its ugly head during the winter, especially during particularly wet winters. Unfortunately, it's not always easy to identify a leak in time to prevent serious damage. However, if your commercial roof has a significant leak, it will give you some very obvious signs; signs that will require immediate attention. If you've noticed any of the problems described below, you need to contact a commercial roofer as soon as possible:

Mold on Your Ceilings

You never want to see mold growing anywhere in your office. However, when you see mold growing on your ceilings, you know you have a serious problem with your roof. The mold growing on your ceiling is a sign that your roof has leaked so much, and for so long, that water has seeped through the attic, and into the ceiling of your office. If you've got mold on your ceilings, you're going to need roofing assistance immediately.

Water Coming From Your Vents

If your roof is in good shape, the only thing that will come through your heater vents is warm air this winter. However, if your roof has a serious leak, you could end up having more than warm air in your vents, you could end up with rainwater. If you notice water dripping from your vents, or you see a large amount of moisture on the vents, it's a good indication that your roof has leaked, and the water has found its way into your vents. You'll need to have your roof repaired before you end up with mold growing in your vents.

Shingles That are Bubbled

It's not always easy to find leaks just by looking at your shingles. However, it is possible, especially if enough water has gotten under the shingles. If that's the case, you'll be able to see bubbling under your shingles. In fact, if there's been enough water pooling under the shingles, portions of your roof may look like the foil cover on a stovetop popcorn maker. If you've got shingles that are bubbling, you need to take a closer look. If you can see water under the shingles, you need to have your roof repaired as soon as possible.

Wet Plywood Roof Decking

You might not know this, but there are actually several layers of your roof. There are the shingles on top, followed by a sheet of black roofing paper below that, and at the very bottom, there's a plywood roof deck. When your roof is in good condition, the shingles and the roofing paper will protect your plywood roof deck. However, if your shingles are damaged, and water has found its way to the black roofing paper, it could soak through to the plywood deck. While you're inspecting the bubbled shingles, take a look at the plywood deck. If it's wet, there's a very good chance that your roof is leaking.


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