Ready? Set? Layer-Click! How Fast Vinyl Siding Installation Can Be Done

Posted on: 29 November 2017

Vinyl siding installs very quickly. It is the most common and most popular type of house siding because of how fast the installation procedure goes. In fact, if you wanted to try installing some of your own siding, you could. Here is how quickly and how easily you can install this type of siding.

Vertical Corner Pieces First

The slats of vinyl siding have to be inserted into the corner pieces. Therefore, you have to install the vertical corner strips first. These attach at each corner, whether the corner juts out or folds in. You will need several pieces of the vertical trim, and each piece has to fit the correct type of corner.

Do not worry about the length; you have to cut them to fit the height of each exterior wall of your home. If the pieces are longer than what you need, all the better. If they are shorter, there are some tricks you can use to make them longer. Once you have secured these vertical trim pieces to the corners, you are ready to install the horizontal slats.

Start at the Bottom

If you have ever looked closely at other vinyl siding installations, you will see that these horizontal slats are layered on top of each other. This process starts at the bottom of the wall, just above the foundation, and goes upward. If you work down from the top, none of the slats will lay properly, and it will be a complete disaster.

Measure each slat to fit corner to corner, with an extra inch on each end. You will insert the extra inch on each end into the vertical trim pieces. You may need some help with really long slats. Otherwise, they will crack and fall apart.

Work Your Way up, One Section at a Time

Start with just one exterior wall. Work on that wall only. Do not try to do all the walls uniformly. This often causes a shortage of materials and leaves walls unfinished! Work on one wall, working from the bottom all the way up to the eaves. The higher you go, the more help you will need to hold the slats steady as each slat is installed and layered over the one below it. When you finish that one wall, move on to the next. Continue this process until all of the siding is installed. If you follow directions and are careful about the cuts you make, your siding could be installed in a day or less.

For more information and professional help with vinyl siding installation, contact a roofing and siding service in your area.


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