Wood And Ceramic Roofs Compared

Posted on: 19 November 2017

Replacing your roof is a big decision because it costs a lot of money and it transforms the entire style of your property. If you're going to replace your roof, you want to choose a product that will improve your home style while also making your home more energy efficient. Two of the most popular roofing products are wooden shingles and ceramic tiles. This article compares the two materials, specifically how they rate when it comes to energy efficiency, maintenance, and style.

Wood Shingles are More Natural

Right off the bat, you need to realize that a wood shingle roof is going to require more maintenance and have a shorter lifespan then a ceramic tile roof. That being said, a wood shingle roof should still last over 25 years with relatively little maintenance. So, if you plan on selling your home before this, or you are willing to redo your roof down the road, would can be an acceptable material. Most homeowners are more than happy to deal with this increased maintenance and shorter lifespan because they love the way that wood shingles look. The natural style of wood is adaptable and can fit into just about any type of home design. That is, you can see a wooden roof on a mid century modern home, a rustic cabin, a craftsman, and just about any style in between. Wood looks especially great when there are other wooden elements on the outside of your property. This not only includes having wooden doors and windows, but also wooden fences or large trees around your house.

Ceramic Tiles are More Practical

Ceramic tiles are extremely popular because they are basically a zero maintenance product. They don't need to be painted or stained, and they will easily last over 40 years without any sort of upkeep. This makes them a top choice of homeowners who don't want to deal with upkeep, and plan on staying at their property for a long time. Ceramic tiles come in a variety of finishes, shapes, colors, and sizes. Basically, you can achieve just about any popular roofing luck with the ceramic tile (yes, you can even achieve the look of wooden shingles).

In the end, both products have similar price ranges, you just need to think about the long-term maintenance and lifespan of each before making decision. If you simply like the style of wood over ceramic tile, go for it! Contact a company, like The Recommended Roofers, for more help.


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