Warning Signs That You Need a Brand New Roof

Posted on: 8 November 2017

An often neglected part of the home is the roof. After all, with the roof mostly being out of sight, many homeowners don't even think to look at it until the signs of damage have been there for quite some time. There are some ways to tell if your home needs a new roof by looking for these four signs.

Missing Shingle Granules

The top of asphalt shingles are made up of tiny things known as granules. These help protect your roof from weather damage, but they can deteriorate over time. It is possible for all of the granules to come off the shingles, leaving roofing that is largely intact but bare of any sort of protective layer.

You'll need to check the granules by going up to your roof and performing a visual inspection. Instead of looking at the condition of the shingles themselves, look at what is in the gutter. Do you see a massive amount of granules that have collected in your gutters over the years? If so, this means that your shingles are deteriorating quickly.

You can confirm your suspicions by looking at the individual shingles, but the amount of granules in the gutters will tell you what is happening with those shingles higher up without needing to climb high onto your roof.

Torn or Cracked Shingles

While you are up on your roof with the ladder, you should also be looking for obvious signs of damage such as torn or cracked shingles. If you have a couple odd shingles that are in disrepair, that is okay, since they could be replaced individually without replacing the entire roof.

However, a large portion of torn or cracked shingles is a sign that you need roof replacement. If many of the shingles are deteriorating to that point right now, the other shingles won't last much longer. Get on top of it with a roof replacement.

Water Leaks

You may not have water coming into your living area, but you could have water damage in your attic. You won't see water physically leaking in unless it is raining, but you will see the damage caused by the water. Look at the rafters of the attic, and keep an eye out for dark spots where water has penetrated the wood. This is a sign of water damage, and it can be fixed by replacing the roof.

Not sure if you need roof replacement? Contract a local roofing contractor, such as Queston Construction Inc., for tips on when you should replace those old shingles.


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