Adding An Addition To Your Home? Considerations To Make For Roofing Material

Posted on: 26 October 2017

Are you in the process of adding more square footage to your home with an addition?  If so, one part of the job you may not have put much thought into is the roof.  An addition gives you an option for what kind of roofing materials you use, and it doesn't need to be the same kind as the rest of your home.  Here are some things to think about if you switch to a new roofing material for the addition.

Is There a Benefit to Switching?

You should have a goal in mind by switching to a different roofing material. This will help ensure that you do not just pick a different roofing material because you can, but that it serves a purpose that can benefit your home.

For instance, if your home addition has a flat roof while the rest of your home has a steep angle with asphalt shingles, you'll want to use a rolled roofing material to help water run off the surface and towards the gutters.

A change may be motivated because the roof on the addition is now viewable from the street, so you want to choose a color or texture that will compliment your home.  You may also be looking at factors like limited maintenance so repair is not something to think about often.

How Is Your Main Roof Holding Up?

If both roofs will be visible at the same time, consider if your current roof is in disrepair.  Having a brand new roof right next to an older roof with similar materials can really make the problems stand out.  It may motivate you to replace your old roof at the same time, but you can make the age of the roof look less apparent by using a brand new material.  

Do the Materials Need Similar Maintenance?

You must also consider what sort of maintenance is needed for the new roofing material, and if it is needed around the same time as the rest of your roof.  If you do not think about maintenance, you could find yourself paying more for each roof to be maintained by a professional roofing contractor at different times. Try to pick a roofing material that syncs up with maintenance.

These are just a few things to consider when deciding on a roof for an addition. A residential roofing contractor can let you know of other things to think about when picking a material.


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