A Roofing Company's Portfolio: Why It's Completely Normal To Ask

Posted on: 5 October 2017

When you are ready to hire a roofing company to replace your roof, you might want to see what other jobs the company has completed. You wonder if this is an awkward thing to ask the owner of the roofing company. Actually, it is not. Most roofing company owners welcome the chance to flaunt their best work. Here is why it is completely normal to ask a roofing company owner for a job portfolio—in pictures, of course.

See the Work before It Is Completed on Your Own Home

Sometimes it is difficult to see the final results on a project. You want to know what it will look like, based on the choices you have made for the materials you wanted. If you are changing the roofing material you want on your roof, looking at pictures of the installations of this material on other roofs helps you get a better idea of how your own roof will appear when the job is complete.

It Speaks to the Experience of the Roofing Company

Asking to see pictures of completed jobs shows that you have an interest in the experience and skills of the roofing company. The pictures prove that they have done well and have a lot of experience doing what they do. It builds confidence in the skills of the company, and it establishes consumer trust.

It Opens the Door to Questions You Were Too Timid to Ask

Sometimes you have questions about projects that you want a contractor to do, but you are just too timid to ask. Asking to see a picture portfolio of their work opens doors that will then allow you to ask those questions. 

Examples include:

  • "Oh, look at that roof! What kind of roofing material is that? How does it work?
  • "Can you do that with my roof?"
  • "How much does a roof like that cost?"

Then you can learn more about what this roofing contractor and his/her company does and can do, and also what a typical roofing job from them will cost you.

Get Some Fresh New Ideas for Your Roof

Most roofing contractors will just go ahead and put a new roof on your house if that is all you ask for. If you want something different, or if you want to make changes to your roof, you need to show the roofing contractor what you want. By asking to see pictures of the company's past work, you can get fresh ideas about what you want, and then use those pictures to show the contractor what you would like him/her to do.


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