Inspect Your Business's Roof Before Winter

Posted on: 26 September 2017

With winter on its way, you want to make sure your flat commercial roof is able to withstand the harsh weather of the season. This can be complicated if you aren't sure what constitutes a problem. The following guide can help you understand the most pressing problems to watch out for.

What kind of membrane is on the roof?

Flat roofs differ in construction. Many have an asphalt membrane, which is simply tar and gravel laid down to create a waterproof surface. As long as there are no worn spots or missing gravel, the roof is usually in good repair. If the roof is having issues, you can have it resurfaced with fresh tar and gravel.

Another common flat roof type has a rubber membrane. This membrane provide a tight waterproof seal over the entire roof — as long as it is in good repair. Any tears or worn spots mean that a leak is occurring or imminent. Discoloration of the membrane can also indicate that it is about to give out. Sometimes a rubber membrane can be patched, but more often it requires replacement.

Are the drains open and flowing freely?

Snow and water will collect on a flat roof if it isn't draining properly. The location and types of drains depend on the style of roof. Some roofs angle toward the center, where there is a drain that runs through the building and flows out through the central main drain of the facility. Clogs are obvious, because water pools in the center of the roof.

Another common drain style is to place the drains around the outer perimeter of the roof. The roof is then raised slightly in the center so the water flows to the edges. These drains can get blocked by debris or bird nests, which makes water pool on the roof. A visual inspection generally reveals this issue.

Have there been any signs of interior leaks?

Sometimes a cursory visual inspection reveals that everything looks fine, but there are still issues. If you have had water leaking inside the building, then there is a problem that you may need a professional inspection to uncover. Even if you haven't found moisture, stained or discolored ceilings or a musty smell in the building could mean roof issues. If you are in any doubt over the integrity of the roof, contact a commercial roof inspection service like JC Roofing & Insulating before winter arrives.


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