Four Roof Installation Approaches And What Each Entails

Posted on: 16 August 2017

Roofing contractors have so much to do when it comes down to a roofing installation. First and foremost, they have to investigate the roofing consumers have. Then they have to recommend new roofing products and provide estimates for the work. Finally, they have to recommend a roof installation approach that will work best. If you are replacing the roof on your home, or adding a roof to a new home, here are the three approaches your roofing contractor might suggest.

New Roof from Scratch

New homes get the most benefit from their new  roofs. Modern material engineering and design makes new homes the most energy efficient the homes can be. As the contractor builds your new home up to the roof, the entire home is made energy-efficient to fit with the very energy-efficient roof.

Partial Tear-off and Redo

Sometimes only part of your roof needs to be removed. The rest can be salvaged and used for a few more years or even a decade. This approach can shave off a grand or two from your roofing project by just removing the bad part of the roof and installing a new section.

Total Tear-off and Reinstallation

With this approach, your roofing contractor tears off your entire roof and then installs a brand-new roof. It is very messy, time-consuming, expensive, and leaves your home exposed until the job is complete. You may want to relocate for about a week while the roofers work on your house just to avoid noise, insects, lack of privacy,  etc. However, a totally new roof can last another ten, twenty, or thirty years, depending on the roofing material you choose.

Over-the-Top Installation

This is a fairly new and modern approach. Generally, it is only offered if you decide to purchase a metal roof, since the metal roof can be dropped right on top of your old roof and secured to the old roof. Perhaps the best thing about this type of installation approach is that it is very quick, very easy, and you save a lot of money by not tearing off the old roof. The money you save by not tearing off the old roof is often consumed in the price of the metal roof, but then the metal roof lasts indefinitely.

Select Your Materials and Your Contractor First

As you can see from the above roofing approaches, some of these options are based on the type of roofing materials you have decided to use. This, in turn, affects the roofing contractor you hire, since metal roofs are not always offered by every roofing contractor and other roofing materials differ. Before you select a roofing approach, select your materials and your contractor.


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