Ditch Your Pitch: Three Reasons To Get A Flat Roof

Posted on: 17 March 2017

A roof that has constant issues due to leaks, you may need to get someone out to do repairs to the roof on a regular basis. At some point, most homes have to have the roof replaced in its entirety, which is a hefty cost. Most residential roofs are pitched, which is common for a number of different house types. One of the things that you may want to consider is taking down your pitched roof and set up a flat roof. Here are three reasons to ditch your pitched roof and invest in a new, flat roof. 

Flat roofs offer extra home space

One of the immediate changes that a flat roof can make to your home is offering more usable square footage to your home. A roofing and remodeling service can remove the pitched roof and set up a flat roof. Depending on the design of your house, you can make the flat roof accessible. This means that you can set up a rooftop observation deck, set up a sitting area, and activity space. You can even cover up some of the roof to create a greenhouse or similar space. This will make your home more attractive and usable.

Flat concrete roofs may be more stable

Some of the biggest issues with roofs are cracks. If you have a shingled roof, you know how easy it can be for shingles to break off, especially if the roof is aging. If the roof is aging, shingles are likely to be breaking, decomposing, or can be easy to lose if branches fall or natural disasters happen. As flat roof can be more stable, especially if it is made of concrete. The one thing that you will need to watch for with a flat roof is the cement cracking. Cracks on the outside of the roof can be more easily fixed than that of a shingled roof, and it may not disrupt the interior of your house at all. 

Pools can be added

If you do not have the backyard space to add a pool, you can always add a pool on a flat roof. Flat roofs offer the ability to set up a pool without disrupting your current living space. Hire a remodeling company like http://www.centuryroofing.net to place a pool on your rooftop along with a lounge area. If you live in a hot climate where home pools are the standard for attractive homes, a flat roof offers you the ability to catch up to luxury homes in the area. 


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