Are You Ready For The Roofers? Preventing Property Damage And Injuries During Roofing Projects

Posted on: 13 July 2016

Putting new roofing on your house will improve the appearance of your home and ensure that your family and property are protected from the rain. But, the actual process can be noisy and messy for the homeowner. There are some things you can do to make the process easier and to prevent accidental injuries or damage to your property.

Inside the Home

It is easy to overlook preparing the inside of your home before the roofers arrive. These steps will protect your valuables and prevent injuries.

  • Take down picture frames and other wall ornaments. This also includes mirrors, curios and shelves of knick knacks. Roofing requires pounding that may cause the wall to vibrate and send them crashing to the floor. Remove anything on your walls that can come loose and break during roofing.
  • Take down hanging plants. Like the items on your walls, hanging plants can be jarred from their hooks and fall when the contractors are working on your roof. Take them down and move them to a location with similar lighting. If you must place them in a low-light area for a day or two they will do fine, but beware of placing them in complete darkness or in an overheated or chilled area. Water them as usual and return them to their normal location as soon as possible once the roof is completed.
  • Cover items in the attic. If your attic is used to store unused items, or you have other possessions in the attic, cover them with a drop cloth or old sheets. Work done on the roof often causes considerable dust and debris to work its way into the attic. Covering your possessions ahead of time makes the job of cleaning up easier. To save time and energy with cleanup, consider covering your possessions with disposable tablecloths that you can roll up and toss in the trash when the job is done.

Outside the Home

Preparing the outside of your home will protect your landscaping and property. It will also keep your children and adults safe from accidental injuries.

  • Mow the lawn and trim grass and weeds. This serves two purposes. It means you won't need to worry about the lawn while the roofers are at work, and it makes cleanup easier as a newly mowed lawn makes it easier to spot any debris that may fall or blow onto the lawn during the project.
  • Cover flowerbeds and ornamentals near the home with old sheets or a tarp. This also serves a double purpose. It prevents nails and other debris from landing in the flowerbed and it alerts contractors that the area is off limits for walking or placing equipment. While you may think anyone would recognize your budded peonies, contractors may not share your zeal for flowers. Be on the safe side and cover them to help the contractors out.
  • Create a designated play area for kids. Although you will want to keep young children inside during the day when the contractors are at work, they can still enjoy going outside in the evening if you designate a safe area for them to play. Locate the area away from the house where nails and other roofing debris may fall to the ground. Older children can observe boundaries with your instruction, but young children will benefit from a marked area. Use stakes and ribbon or create a boundary with your garden hose laid on the grass.
  • Clear the driveway and area around your home. Put your vehicles inside the garage or park them on the street. Move boats, campers, trailers or other equipment away from the home. Likewise, children's toys should be brought inside or stored in the garage. Roofers need room for their vehicles, roofing equipment, supplies and a dumpster. Moving your items will give them the room they need to work efficiently and will prevent accidental damage to your property too.

Preparing for roofers, like those from Drey Roofing, before they arrive helps you protect your property, prevents accidental injuries and makes the job easier for the contractors.


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